Kisah Pembaca Berita Seorang Kanser Survivor

Antara cerita yang menyentuh hati, adalah cerita tentang bangkit dari satu fasa yang sangat menduga kesabaran. Bagi seorang pesakit kenser yang perlu melalui kemoterapi, ia adalah keadaan yang sangat sukar.

Namun, tidak begitu bagi Law Chu Hian, seorang bekas pembaca berita di NTV7 satu ketika dulu. Beliau adalah seorang pesakit kanser yang berjaya bebas dari penyakit beliau.

kanser survivor

Pertama kali saya mendengar kisah dari Tuan Law Chu Hian adalah pada 3 tahun yang lepas. Tersentuh betul mendengar dia berkongsi tentang rasa syukur yang tak terhingga dengan apa yang dia ada sekarang dan apa yang pernah dia tempuhi.

Bila dengar non muslim melahirkan rasa syukur yang sehigga boleh rasa ke dalam hati, memang rasa kagum betul.

Kalau lah masa boleh diputarkan balik, saya nak aje rekod sharing beliau. Shaklee buat video pendek sangat. Tak puas dengar. Heheee..

Saya terbaca tentang kisah Tuan Law Chu Hian di blog

Terima kasih sangat kat blogger ni sebab telah mencoret segala perkongsian Tuan Law Chu Hian.

The man was none other than the retired well-known popular TV7 Mandarin news reader, Law Chu Hian, aged 45 who found himself a cancer patient five years ago. Since his recovery, he had lived his life to the full. According to him, should he die after having utilised his time to the full, he will have no regrets.

One of the things he said was about making sure that the body can be helped to stay healthy by not getting angry. Anger only hurts the one who is angry. When you are angry, toxins will be sent forth from your own body.

One of his ways to be positive and happy was similar to the teaching of the Art of Living: Live for the present moment. Enjoy and be happy with whatever the present moment presents. “The present moment is a present for you,” he said. And that carries a lot of truth. Be grateful that you are alive and able to enjoy the present moment. That is a lot to be thankful for. Many people live in the past, constanting bringing back unnecessary pain and unhappiness experienced; while some lived for the future, dreaming of what is yet to come, nothing possibly concrete; when everyone should be living in the present, doing the things to be done now, planning what is feasible.

He also joked and talked of gratitude. He told us that we should be grateful for all the things we have. Be grateful for whatever we have. Do not envy people who have big cars. If you have an old car, be grateful that it could take you wherever you want to go. If you have a motorcycle, be grateful that you do not have to walk to your destination. If you have no vehicle, be grateful that you have legs that can take you around, and perhaps be grateful to take a ride in a bus with a driver to take you some place.

When a person had cancer and recovers, he knows that he has been given a second chance in life. Everything is so very precious. Be grateful to the people closest to you, your wife or husband, your children and your relatives. Communicate with them. Do not say you do not have the time to sit down and communicate with them.

Another point he made was, ‘Accept situations as they are. For some people, have wife/husband, also bad. No wife/husband, also bad.’ It ought to be ‘Have wife/husband, that’s good. No wife/husband, that’s also good. Be happy with whatever you have.

He also talked on stress. He joked about a chap in a queeue at the post office who was so stressed while waiting for his turn. He told us about the complains of a wife made at a Valentine’s dinner which he attended although he is a bachelor. He told us that the next year found the man at the valentine dinner with another girl. So, do not complain. Appreciate the fact that someone loves you and is romantic enough to take you to the dinner.

And at home, appreciate whatever is done, for someone had put in time and effort to make your house a home.



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Sangat inspiring kan?

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